Sunday, October 5, 2008

Had some McDonald's today

Most delicious meal of the trip so far, even though it was about an hour after lunch. 9 piece Chicken Mcnuggets, medium fries, large Diet Coke and a vanilla ice cream with some caramel topping. Now we just walked to a free internet cafe called Vanilla Sky on the bank of the Volga River. I had some green tea and Jaime had some salmon sushi. The opposite bank of the river has a ton of trees on it and it serves for a really nice view as the Sun is going down.


Dr. Zeuss said...

haha sounds delicious.

McG said...

hooray for mcdonalds! your program sounds amazing, i'm honestly a little jealous because you guys seem to be having an amazing experience and it hasn't even been very long.

Zack said...
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Zack said...


Your trip sounds unbelievable so far.

Say hello to Jaime for me and keep rockin' the motherland.

Mucho amor,