Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prom, College Decisions and more Gap Year news

So last night was Prom. Lots of fun. One of the more interesting parts of my night was seeing a friend who I hadn't spoken to or seen in months. And it was really cool because, aside from some good-natured ribbing and guilt tripping about being bad at keeping in touch, we didn't miss a beat and our friendship felt just as strong as before. It's just comforting I guess to know that there's people who you can go a long time without talking to or seeing, and can still keep up the same rapport.

...Emory was really quite nice, despite the rain. And I really felt that I could be at home there rather quickly, which might be part of the reason I'm still headed to William&Mary. Not that it's so different, but I like the fact that WM will put me a little more out of my comfort zone (as any college will). I also had this silly notion in my head that wouldn't give that no matter how fun Emory seemed, and that's the first word that comes to mind, something at WM will spur me out of my underachieving ways. That might not be a healthy way to look at it, putting all that pressure on the school when it's really me who has to start working and time-managing, but I just feel like it's some combination of me and me at the school that will really click.

...I signed up for the South Africa program with CCS from 11/22 to 12/27 this past week and I'm really excited. Cape Town should be really great especially since CCS' Home-Base (where they station the volunteers) is near the University of Cape Town. CCS' volunteers can range from their teens to their seventies, so it'll be good to have people my age for a month near-by.

That's all for now. I need to go watch 'No Country for Old Men' to compare it to the book for my final paper in high school (for Cinema Studies II).


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